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From Ubuntu to Mint

posted by Rizky Tahara Shita at 2010-11-19 08:44:00

Yeah! Finally I migrate from Ubuntu to Linux Mint. Why? Well, actually it started when I'm trying to restore my Ubuntu from the other laptop using remastersys and a little something wrong that I can not fixed after restoring my Ubuntu OS. Even the restoring process is fine and can be used for my daily work, but I got warning something like ext4_da_writepages when I shutdown my laptop (still, I don't know what's wrong with that -- usually it works great -- ).

Why Mint? There is ofcourse Ubuntu Meerkat that I can use to upgrade, but since I'm start using Ubuntu, after installing it, I got to find and install more add ons (multimedia plugins for playing mp3 files for instance). Naah.. I don't have much time to search plugins and many things like that again, I just need the crumbs plugins already installed, so I can continue to install the other software that I need for my web development.

The 32bit DVD version of Linux Mint 10 that has code name is Julia already has that and I can focused to install the other software that I need. Overall, I like the Mint 10. It boots faster than my Ubuntu 10.04. Yes, I believe that Ubuntu 10.10 also has that faster boot up. And the shutdown time, flawless! less than 5 seconds (o.O)

Some minor fix already done at the OpenOffice part, specially at the Presentation. In Ubuntu 10.04, I've tell some of my friend about a little bug (that also bit buggy) when showing the slideshow. The Gnome panel is still exists, not hidden when showing the slideshow. But OpenOffice in Mint 10 it has fixed! But.. (yeah there is a but raspberry ) I still prefer using Libre Office. So yes, I will replace OpenOffice with Libre Office.

The best from Mint 10 is the sleep/suspend and hibernate. It works! Since I'm using Ubuntu, I never get them to work. I can save battery life when I'm not using the laptop for a while with Mint 10 and it can suspend many times (I only got twice suspend with Ubuntu 10.04).

That's it for now about Mint, I will continue to post about it in my next post.. See ya...


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