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Nokia 3310 Classic GPRS Java Setting Using AXIS SIM Card

posted by Rizky Tahara Shita at 2010-11-08 16:27:00

Hi there, long time no post in this blog since I'm concentrate on the biskitZ project ( a CMS based on CodeIgniter Framework that I build by my own)... smile

Well, a few days in this week I have a little problem with the GPRS in Nokia 3310 Classic that I want to use with the AXIS SIM Card. What is the problem? The problem is the OTA that AXIS gave to my phone, the OTA that AXIS gave to the phone did not include the APN to the Prefered Access Point in the Nokia 3310 Classic. It will have a problem on the java ( midlet ) applications that will use the internet connections, since the configurations / settings are not included with the OTA.

So, I have to do it manually without using the OTA.. Here is how:

  • From the Standby, goto Menu > Settings > Configuration
  • Choose the Personal Configuration Settings
  • Choose AddNew and Pick the Access Point
  • Fill Account Name with Axis
  • Then Choose a menu below saying Access Point Settings
  • Fill the Data Bearer with Packet Data
  • After that, Choose Bearer Settings menu
  • Fill with:
    • Packet Data Access Point: axis
    • Network Type: IP4
    • Authentication type: Normal
    • User Name: axis
    • Password: 123456
  • After done doing that, there will be a list in the Personal Account saying Axis. Before going to another step, choose the Options > Activate ( this is important, since my bro found it , thank you bro! ).

Settings for the APN already done now. It's time to setup the web settings. Still in the Personal Configuration Settings, do this:
  • Choose the Options > AddNew
  • Pick the Web and press Select
  • Fill:
    • Account Name: Axis
    • Homepage: http://wap.axisworld.co.id
    • UserName: axis
    • Password: 123456
    • Use Preferred Access Point: Yes
  • After done doing that, as usual, don't forget to Activate the Web Settings that already done before by using the Options > Activate menu with the web settings selected.

Okay, that's should be done. Now, test the browser by pressing the 0 (zero) button until the browser comes up. It will go to the wap.axisworld.co.id. If that works, then try the opera mini. It should also be works too... And the ymtiny, ebuddy and all java midlet applications will can be use to connected to the internet using the AXIS Card GPRS.

Now, I've a problem on connecting the IM from AXIS Card. Does anyone know the configurations on connecting to the Yahoo! via IM default program from Nokia 3310 Classic? smile

Since I've been using SIMPATI Telkomsel to connect the IM, so last night I inserted the SIMPATI SIM Card, it automaticaly add the APN. Take off the card, insert the AXIS back in. And connect to the IM using the SIMPATI APN for the IM. It works!.. smile


Alif Ramadhan

Commented at 2010-11-12 12:32:16

pa,ko saya mau register ga bisa terus yaa,kenapa ya pak,,???
terima kasih

ke ruangan saya bawa ktm aja.. smile

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