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Examination - How To

  • How to do your final examination?
    • open http://tahara.web.id
    • click on the `Examination` menu
    • login with your correct NIM and Password
    • click the `Do Examination!` menu
    • choose your final exam for the correct class
    • the questions will be shown
    • answer those questions
    • when done, click the `Okay, I'm done. Show me my score please...` only once
    • wait until you got your score
    • logout when finish
    • note:
      • at the academic schedule for the final exam, you MUST come to the class to have your Absent
      • if there is NO Absent, then your score will NOT be processed (even if you have the score!)
      • you can do your final examination starting 1 week before your final examination that academic scheduled