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biskitZ FAQ

Hi, this page contain about biskitZ FAQ that might be interest for you to read.

  • Hello tahara, what is biskitZ?
    biskitZ is Content Management System that can handle modules with one simple handing at the back-end of it.
  • Why you give the name is biskitZ?
    Well.. when I was a child there are biscuits with a sugar that makes glue between 2 biscuits. Sometime I took another biscuit and join them, so that makes the biscuit that I wanted to eat getting bigger LOL. And I think that could be an idea to create something similiar in my CMS. That's why I named biskitZ.
  • What are those mean by joining another biscuits? Can you explain more?
    Yeah.. as I said before, when I get more biscuits that joined, I got a bigger biscuits. Almost the same with this biskitZ, I wanted a CMS that can implement another module to intregrated to the other module, so they can work together or maybe separate business rules, but I wanted to controll them in one CMS. So lets say that I want to have a blog system, what I should concernt about is creating the blog itself. But what if I wanted another module that can be joined with my blog but there is nothing to do with the blog itself? For example, if I wanted to extend a sales order module, then I just have to concernt about to make that module. No need to concernt about the login system or another module, implement the sales order with the easy of handling in one CMS to hold up all the module that I need.
    • There are lots of CMS these days, why create another CMS?
      I'm doing this for my hobby.. --since one of my hobby is making code--. Well, I'm not trying to compete with another CMS that already exists and mature, as basicaly that I just want a simple CMS that handle all of my modules in one CMS and I can give user rights for a user that can use the modules.
    • Is there any site that already using this biskitZ CMS?
      Yes, there are some websites that already using biskitZ as the CMS. You can find them in my portofolio
    • Do you use framework to create this biskitZ?
      Sure, as you can see at the footer of this blog, I'm using Codeigniter PHP Framework. I like this framework, it's simple and easy to understand (also it's fast).
    • Is biskitZ bug free?
      Human is not a perfect creature, so how come this unperfect creature create something perfect? smile Beside, I'm alone in creating this biskitZ CMS and I believe that many bugs will appear, but I'm trying to get more bug free as possible as I can..
    • Why you're using a free themes for your blog?
      I'm using free themes for the front-end of my blog because I just want to tell that biskitZ is customizable not at modules, but also at the themes. That's why I'm trying to use the free themes, so when I got bored with one themes, I can get another free themes more quicker to custom. Thank's to http://www.freecsstemplates.org that already provide lots of best free themes that can be custom easily.