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Cyberpreneurship Final Semester

posted by Administrator at 2018-07-28 22:12:00

Final Semester

- Add your products at least 20 items with valueable keywords that relevant with each items at your store that already been created at mid semester
- Capture the successfull transactions that already been done at least 5 transactions by…

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Cyberpreneurship Mid Semester

posted by Administrator at 2018-07-20 14:25:00

Mid Semester

- Create an account in Marketplace (eg: Tokopedia, BukaLapak, Shopee, etc)
- Open a Store in that Marketplace
- Upload your products / services that you provided

Submit your Store URL to:

- to: rizky.taharashita+03181C@budiluhur.ac.id
- subject: NIM#UTS
- body: Your Store URL

Due date: July…

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Mid and Final Mobile Programmig

posted by Administrator at 2018-06-04 11:17:00

Mid Semester

Continue the Calculator Project that already created in the class, so the other buttons can work as expected

Share your Answer on your GitHub via e-mail:

- to: rizky.taharashita+0318MP@budiluhur.ac.id
- subject: NIM#1
- body: Your GitHub Repository URL for your Mid Semester

Final Semester


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DPW2 and PW2 Final Semester in Roxy Campus

posted by Administrator at 2018-05-13 05:58:00

Create the CRUD Operations based on your Mid Semester answer by using the CodeIgniter PHP Framework and put your answer at GitHub.

Share your answer on your Github via e-mail:
- To: rizky.taharashita+0318pw2@budiluhur.ac.id
- Subject: NIM#FINAL
- Body: Your GitHub Repository URL

Deadline: 18th May…

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Pemprograman Web Services Mid Semester

posted by Administrator at 2018-05-06 05:29:00

Continue the project to create resources for books table with conditions:
- Add minimum 5 fields at that table
- Each field must different for every students
- List the resources for it to handle the CRUD process
- Create the resources
- Upload your…

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